4 Reasons why your Dentures give you grief !!

Dentistry is has changed significantly over the last 30 something years. Where in the past teeth were extracted by the hand full they can now be easily saved. The preference now is to save teeth where possible. I have met patients who had all their teeth removed and replaced with full Dentures at the age of 21 and this was seen at the time as the right thing to do. Unfortunately many of these people have difficulty keeping their dentures in place or suffer from them rubbing.
Here are 4 Reasons that may be causing this:
1. Eating hurts your mouth
As Dentures are not teeth, rather a replacment for missing teeth, it can be difficult to get the bite right. Dentures are plastic or metal and when they come together in a bite position they can rub on top of the ridge or along the side. This can be very painful and frustrating. Seeing a prosthetist to have them adjusted may help.
2. Loose Dentures
Dentures require suction to stay in place. The upper denture can be secured more easily as it has the entire upper arch to stick to. The lower denture however can be more difficult to secure as the tongue is in the way. A saliva test will determine if you have enough “good” saliva to help keep your dentures in place. There are also other off the shelf products that can help to secure dentures.
3. The lower Denture won’t stay in place.
Many of my patients come to me with complaints about the lower denture. Because the tongue is in the way it moves alot. Sometimes the only solution is to place implants in the lower arch and lock the denture onto them. This can be sometimes 2 or 4 Implants.
4. Speech is affected by your denture
Your denture will need to be adjusted if after a suitable period of adjustment has passed and you still suffer with speaking or biting your lip.

If you would like to discuss your options for fixing your loose or painful dentures give us a call today on 54458400. Our friendly staff are happy to help.