Am I suitable for Dental Implants??

Depending on the individual case Dental Implants can be a straight forward option to replace missing teeth or lock down loose dentures. Because we do everything in house, there is no need to see several different specialists or people to find out if Dental Implants can benefit you and your lifestyle. If you have difficulty chewing foods, don’t enjoy eating in public because your dentures are loose or are feeling embarrassed by slipping dentures then Dental Implants may be the answer for you. They are the closest thing to a natural tooth for both aesthetic reasons and functional purposes. Dental Implants are completed in stages this is to allow for the integration of the implant with the bone, however, some Dental Implants can be completed in 3 – 5 days. So if you want to throw that loose painful denture in the bin and never look back Call us to see if Dental Implants can benefit you. Phone one of our friendly team today on 5445 8400.
Any Surgical Procedure carries risks we recommend you seek a second opinion from an equally qualified health care provider.