Are you afraid of the Dentist??

If you are terrified of going to the Dentist you are not alone. In fact you may be surprised at how many people suffer from this sometimes crippling phobia. Many patients are unable to even make the initial appointment to visit the dentist. Sometimes their spouse even makes the appointment for them. Patients can be that scared that they begin to cry as they begin to recall a previous dental experience that caused them the pain in the first place. It’s usually an experience from the past that prevents future dental visits. However, putting a visit to the dentist off will not make the problem go away. And usually the problem gets bigger and more expensive to fix. We understand your fears. We will never judge you or make you feel bad if you have avoided the dentist over the years. We see patients like you every day and even are referred patients from other dentists. You see we are an IV Sedation Practice Endorsed by the Dental Board of Australia. Our practice as passed strict accreditation criteria and we provide IV Sedation on a regular basis. If you or someone you know is in need of Dental care don’t hesitate to contact our practice to arrange a consultation. We provide a wide range of treatments and most of these can be done while you sleep. Putting dental anxiety to sleep at tranquil dental. Call today 5445 8400.