Have toothache but too scared to visit the Dentist??

You are not alone!!! Sometimes fear of the dentist puts people off going to the Dentist for many years so it makes sense that because they haven’t been for routine dental check ups that little problems easily fixed become big problems like tooth ache. Tooth ache is caused by many different factors, sometimes it’s the gums around the tooth and this can be easily treated by a Dental Hygienist. A Dental Hygienist can manage the soft tissue and give you back healthy pink gums without pain. Sometimes its decay in the tooth that has reached the nerve of the tooth. This can be extremely painful. This may require antibiotics and pain relief initially with treatment for the tooth to follow. If your fear is stopping you from visiting the Dentist give us a call to ask about our sleep dentistry. Our friendly team welcome all enquiries. Leave your fear at home we can help you Call us 5445 8400!