No need to FEAR the Dentist! Sleep through your next appointment

Many patients tell us of the horrific experiences they have had at the Dentist over the years. These experiences have created immense fear for these people to the point where they can’t visit the Dentist anymore at all. These patients will often tolerate the dental pain they have as it is less traumatic than bringing themselves to lie in a dental chair again. Eventually their dental problems become so big that they force themselves to come along. We aim to help these people overcome that fear. Dentistry has changed so much over the years and today their should be no reason to feel pain when in the dental chair. However, due to the phobia sometimes people need something extra to get them through the visit. That’s where IV Sedation comes in. You can SLEEP through your dental appointment if you wish. We can arrange a consultation to see if IV Sedation is suitable for you. After you have slept through your dental procedure you can relax about dentistry again. It’s like reversing the years of fear. Often these patients will come back for ongoing preventative care without any fear at all. Call us today to see if IV Sedation is suitable for you on 5445 8400.