Sleep Dentistry

Here’s more about “sleep” or sedation dentistry.

Dentistry doesn’t have to be painful… or scary! Now it can be an anxiety free experience… time just flies, you’ll be totally relaxed and won’t feel a thing. You’ll only have pleasant memories of your visit!

As one of the very few qualified dental anaesthesiologists capable of performing sedation dentistry on the Sunshine Coast I can offer you a relaxing and anxiety-free experience.  Complex dental treatment like cosmetic dentistry or implants can often be done in fewer visits, sometimes in just one. If you’ve been afraid to go to the dentist, had a bad experience or want to get it all over and done with quickly then this is the answer for you.

Here at Maven Dental Buderim (formerly Tranquil Dental), in beautiful Buderim, we’ve combined great technology, service and care so that you are at ease from the moment you book your consultation.

By the way, I would never recommend treatment that I wouldn’t do for myself, my wife or family. You will never feel pressured to receive treatment that you do not want.  People do respond differently to treatments so it’s wise to check with me to ensure that sedation dentistry will do the things for you that I promise.

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